Mommy Makeover Giveaway Official Rules 1. Sponsors. This Contest Contest is sponsored by KLFY Station and Plastic Surgery Associates collectively, the Sponsor s . This … Offered by MY MED SPA – Nov 2nd – Dec 2nd, 2020 HOLY COW. MY MED SPA IN PLANO IS GIVING AWAY A $20,000 MOMMY MAKEOVER…. How can you be entered to WIN? Call and get the details, Winner will be announced January 1, 2021. 469-278-4043 nicole mymedspa Micah, a hardworking mom and college student, thought she was getting a Mommy Makeover. To her surprise, The Real ladies had much, much more up their sleev… Call 480 970-2580 or fill out our online contact form. Financing Available. Research Mommy Makeover Cost. Research Mommy Makeover Financing . Contact us for more information on these promotions. May not be combined with any other offer. Valid for patients that put down a $500 non-refundable deposit and complete surgery by 7 31 2021. Mom Makeover Giveaway! Would you like to honor a special mom in your life? Starting April 1st, submit your Top Mom story for a chance to win her a Mommy Make Over. Winner gets a free hair and makeup session, and lash treatment! Entries may be submitted by Instagram DM, email, snail mail, via our website, or drop a note into our Top Mom … A well-known in advertising circles yet perfect example of micro-content practically stole the show at the 2013 Super Bowl. When the power went out in the Superdome during the third quarter, leaving thousands of spectators in the dark for a half hour, while the players for the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers hunkered down trying to keep their bodies limber and their heads in the game, Oreo saw an opportunity. It tweeted, Power Out? No Problem. Attached was a photo of a lone Oreo cookie waiting in the dark, with accompanying text that read, You can still dunk in the dark. Suddenly, all those people in limbo waiting for the power to be restored and the game to start over saw a funny reminder that Oreo is the cookie for all occasions. The tweet didn t tell anyone to go buy Oreos. It didn t include any call to action, actually. It didn t need to. Within minutes it had been retweeted across Twitter and liked on Facebook tens of thousands of times. Why? No one had ever seen anything like it. It s one thing for a Ravens fan or a 49ers fan to tweet or post status updates chronicling her reaction to the game we ve gotten used to seeing individuals respond to real-time events around the world. But to see a brand do it as casually and naturally as a real person? That was a first for such a mass-market brand within the context of such a mainstream event. The tweet was only possible because Oreo had thought far enough ahead to have a social media team at the ready to respond to whatever happened on television. Talk about proper investment in a platform. Key to the ad s success was not only the fact that it was clever and elegant, but also that it aligned perfectly with Oreo s brand identity, as well as the identity of Oreo lovers everywhere. Oreo is the playful cookie, the fun cookie, the cookie you want to watch football with. The best URLs are readable and might include one of your search terms or a descriptive title social-media-small-businesses . Using a search term from your set of keywords for your web or blog page earns you another point for relevance and lets users know what to expect. At least try to keep the URLs as readable text, as in pages socialmedia article1234.htm . You can t drive the road to wealth with the brakes engaged. You have to take risks. You have to get uncomfortable. You have to get out there and fail. To make your tweets even more searchable, use your keywords as hashtags. Using hashtags makes it easy to refer to them later to see who else is using them. A hashtag is different from a keyword a hashtag is used to hold a conversation rather than make your tweet visible in a search. On top of that, Cyc has an inference engine. Inference is the ability to draw conclusions from evidence. Cyc s inference engine understands queries and generates answers from its vast knowledge database.