Landmark Beta Key Giveaway. Win a key to unlock access to the Landmark beta. By GameSpot Staff on July 4, 2014 at 1 45PM PDT. 24 Comments. Click To Unmute E3 2014 Landmark Stage Demo … Get into Landmark Beta. If you want to get into beta testing of Landmark, you have several options Purchase an official Founder s Pack prices range from $19,99 to $99,99 Obtain a shareable Closed beta key by purchasing Trailbrazer Founder s Pack you get 4 shareable keys for $99,99 Acquire a Time-Limited Closed Beta Key With the Support of Sony Online Entertainment, we are happy to announce that we are giving you a chance to plant your flag first in Landmark s Closed Beta as we have 30 7-Day closed beta keys to giveaway! alert type blue BONUS We ll be giving away 10 random winners an additional in-game item code together with their closed beta key. Play Today http 1qAmMf7David and Toby from MCSpotlights bring you the last in our four-part build spotlight of Sony Online Entertainment s new game… My EQN Landmark First Impressions. I had applied for a Beta key at https a while ago and forgotten about it. Happened to check my game email account a week and a half ago and there was an email saying I had access to the Closed Beta. For some reason Sony Online Entertainment SOE activated all the 7-day keys when the … Madoff, Bernie Along the way, American and other airlines have basically invented a new currency, and it is a currency they can trade for attention. To date, however, the airlines have been remarkably crude at leveraging that permission. sites default files attachments press-releases ftc-staff-revises-online-advertising-disclosure-guidelines 130312dotcomdisclosures.pdf 1. Click anywhere in the search box at the top of the page. A list of your saved searches will appear below the search box. I n this chatty, 24-7 online culture, there is no better resource than Twitter trends for creating the real-time context as well as the up-to-date content so imperative to staying relevant. Twitter s trend-tracking ability is one of social media s most powerful yet underused tools. You can set your account to track worldwide, national, or even regional trends. Learning to jab with trends gives you tremendous power. You can tailor content to any situation or demographic, you can spark interest in your product or service among people outside your core group of followers, and you can scale your caring. Best of all, you can piggyback on other people s content, giving you a reprieve from having to think up fresh creative day after day. You ll still put out original content, but in this case, your content is the context you use to tell your story.