Image Element In the current version of your Woobox builder, you can add Image Elements to any page of your campaign. The maximum file size you can upload to an Image Element is 1MB 1,000kb . Woobox Sweepstakes App Image Cheat Sheet and Quick Tips July 16, 2013 by The HTC Team Leave a Comment Woobox, the most popular social sweepstakes app for Facebook, is an extremely effective way to promote your company Facebook page, increase page Likes and promote brand awareness. When you build your graphics, keep in mind that the maximum dimensions are Max 810 px wide x 1200 px tall, with a max file size of 400 kb. Your image can be smaller than that, but we recommend you at least use the full width for your image to best utilize the space provided. Create Sweepstakes that achieve results Woobox provides all the capabilities you need to create and manage a successful sweepstakes. email. Collect entries email. Add form fields for the data you want to collect or automatically collect entries from social actions hashtag posts, Likes, comments on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter retweets … How to Set Up a Successful Pinterest Business Account. by Kelsey Jones. Pinterest for businesses has been around almost as long as Pinterest itself. The idea that brands can create and share compelling content on the popular . Note Given the huge number of users accessing Facebook on phones and tablets, whenever you share links to custom Facebook tabs and apps, verify that the resource is mobile-friendly before you launch. Many are not, and you might unwittingly exclude a huge segment of your audience. I started off believing all men and women are equal I now know that is the most unlikely thing ever to have been because millions of years have passed over evolution, people have scattered across the face of this earth, been isolated from each other, developed independently, had different intermixtures between races, peoples, climates, soils This is something which I have read, and I tested against my observations. We read many things. The fact that it is in print and repeated by three, four authors does not make it true. They may all be wrong. But through my own experience I concluded yes, there is a difference. 8 Ads may appear on the profile pages of other LinkedIn members, on a user s own home page, in a user s message inbox, on a search results page, or on LinkedIn group pages. Guide to tracking social media ROI Calculating the Twitter Follower-to-Following Ratio