GIVEAWAY The first 1,000 fans … The Cascabeles return in 2021 to celebrate Hispanic heritage and multi-cultural baseball fans! The Timber Rattlers will become the Cascabeles de Wisconsin for … Travel Wisconsin gave away 27 prize packages for the Adventure Awaits Giveaway in March 2021, including a grand prize of a 3-night stay and adventure prize package. The other prize packages featured a two-night stay, free yearly vehicle access to our state parks and a unique Wisconsin adventure. All winners have been contacted and can be found … The grand prize also includes a complimentary 2021 Wisconsin state park sticker, which offers admission to all state parks and forests through Dec. 31, 2021. Enter today s giveaway here. Tags adventure awaits giveaway travel wisconsin. Tweet Share Pin It Print. Melissa Larsen. Wisconsin Giveaways. 216 likes 1 talking about this. Follow to win!! The next giveaway goes live, February 23d!! 2021 Good Day Wisconsin $25,000 Home Makeover In Partnership With Tundraland Giveaway. Enter Daily For Your Chance To WIN a $25,000 Tundraland Home Makeover! My father put down the razor, rinsed it at the sink. He closed the lid on the toilet and sat upon it like a throne. He beckoned, so I sat opposite him on the rim of the spacious bathtub. And you re talking about marrying his ex-wife. I see the challenge. Should I keep my social media posts short? If you re an experienced blog writer, your posts are probably already written with one designated search term in mind. Review your top 10 to 15 most-viewed posts, make a list of the keywords you used for them, and use that list as input into the AdWords Keyword Planner. So far we ve explored three drives that Omohundro argues will motivate self-aware, self-improving systems efficiency, self-protection, and resource acquisition. We ve seen how all of these drives will lead to very bad outcomes without extremely careful planning and programming. And we re compelled to ask ourselves, are we capable of such careful work? Do you, like me, look around the world at expensive and lethal accidents and wonder how we ll get it right the first time with very strong AI? Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima in these nuclear power plant catastrophes, weren t highly qualified designers and administrators trying their best to avoid the disasters that befell them? The 1986 Chernobyl meltdown occurred during a safety test. There is no substitute for the real estate of a desktop on a mobile device there s no room. This means that until the next great technological revolution, like Google glasses or tattooed screens in the palms of our hands, all of your Facebook stories, content, and marketing must be developed for the mobile experience. This is why in January 2013, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook should now be considered a mobile company. And just six months later, Facebook reported 41 percent of its ad revenue came from mobile, equaling $1.6 billion in the second quarter of 2013.