According to Justin Duino via CBS , managing editor of How-To Geek, people who click on the link are directed to a fake Amazon survey. It entices individuals to enter their credit card information for shipping purposes and offers free watches and other gifts as a reward. However, it is all a scam. When you dig into it, it s asking you to sign … The first step is to join online survey panels who offer Amazon gift codes. Once you join a panel, you will be e-mailed online surveys. Fill these out, and when you have enough points to request a reward, look for Amazon as a cashout option, and make your request. Within a few days typically , you will receive an e-mail with your voucher … Is Amazon Shopper Satisfaction Survey real The many scams that use Amazon s name. First of all, as Amazon officially states, they do occasionally send out surveys, which help the company to improve their service and get the feedback from the users about the service and etc.However, because it s such a widespread business with tons of clients who are used to getting emails from Amazon … Testers Needed – $10 Amazon Gift Card … Before moving forward to see if you qualify, please take 10 secs to complete this quick survey to see if you qualify. We will contact you within 24hours if you qualify and will provide you with further information. $100 Applebee s free gift card scam 1 free Walgreen gift card scam One free gift card scam Boots $50 voucher giveaway scam Free $1,000 Walmart gift card survey scam Free 170 worth of Tesco vouchers scam Eat for free at Cheescake factory scam Free 500 Argos gift cards for Christmas … When your YouTube ads are live, you can track their performance via your Adwords account. Some of the most important metrics to monitor include Converted views and Cost per Converted view representing click-through numbers and cost per acquisition , and Video Played To – the percentages show how much of your video ad people watched on average, and help you judge how engaging it is to your target audience. As with all paid advertising on social media, don t be afraid to experiment with different approaches – cull want doesn t work, and concentrate your time and money on what does. Consider implementing password access for approved users to various functions in the dashboard. Some users might be constrained to viewing reports, whereas others might be allowed to change the dashboard configuration. Dump the Junk in the Trunk! If you race cars at the drag strip, you know that every ounce of weight counts. Racers remove everything nonessential to make the car as light as possible. This increases efficiency, speed, and performance, resulting in faster finishes. Unnecessary weight forces the car to work harder. Yet on our road trip to wealth, we re guilty of adding weight. Our vehicle is burdened with junk-in-the-trunk that coerces us to work harder. And when you work harder long enough, it wears you out and breaks you down. This debilitating weight is parasitic debt . software that derives scientific laws from raw data Kelm, Brandon, Download Your Own Robot Scientist, Wired, December 3, 2009, http wiredscience 2009 12 download-robot-scientist accessed June 3, 2011 . many generations later output physical laws Chang, Kenneth, Hal, Call Your Office Computers That Act Like Physicists, New York Times, April 2, 2009, http 2009 04 07 science 07robot.html?em accessed July 5, 2012 . it evolved rules about its own operation Johnson, George, the Alicia Patterson Foundation, Eurisko, the Computer with a Mind of Its Own, last modified April 6, 2011, http stories eurisko-computer-mind-its-own accessed July 5, 2012 . Eurisko s greatest success Ibid.