I love pokemon to death and I love Victini.I have over 100 pokemon plush dolls including The Giant Jakks Dialga,and Palkia,Giant Pokecen Reshiram,Zekrom,All of thes Pokecen plush Groudon,Kyogre,Rayquaza,Latios,Latios,Metagross,Dialga,Palkia,Giratna Origin,Giratini Sky,Shaymin,Shaymin Sky,Suicune,Entei,Raikou,Umbreon,Mincinno,Emolga,Axew,Lugia,Ho-Oh,Pikachu,Pichu,Darkrai,Zorua,and Zoroark.I … Victini Giveaway for 14th Movie Friday – December 3rd, 2010 2 AM PST – By Water Pok mon Master The official Japanese Pokemon website has announced that a special Victini will be given away for Victini and the Dark Hero , though no further details were announced. Rare Pokemon Victini being given away as part of promotions for the upcoming Pokemon White movie. Movie 14 Giveaway Fusion Bolt 100 100 5–The user throws down a giant thunderbolt. This attack does greater damage when influenced by an enormous flame. Movie 14 Giveaway Blue Flare 130 85 5 20 The user attacks by engulfing the target in an intense, yet beautiful, blue flame. It may leave the target with a burn. Christmas 2012 … The Movie 14 giveaway has brought to Victini two huge assets. The first is Bolt Strike, a drawback-free attack that allows Victini to zap any wayward Kyogre daring to rain on its parade. The second, and most important, is V-create. V-create is a move with staggering power–so powerful that, when backed by sun and STAB, it reaches an incredible … I used his picture, Celestial piped up. Roy is my inspiration. To jazz up your snaps, try using both a lens and a filter. But be careful about over embellishing. You don t want your snap to look so busy that it loses its essence. Creating content on LinkedIn is another way to tell your brand s story, share tips and news regarding your industry, and increase your personal and professional brand visibility. The best part is that your posts have the potential to be seen by a vast professional community. How could you not take advantage of the opportunity? Focus your resources on one niche at a time. After you succeed, invest your profits in the next niche. It may seem counterintuitive, but it works. China is sucking the Southeast Asian countries into its economic system because of its vast market and growing purchasing power. Japan and South Korea will inevitably be sucked in as well. It just absorbs countries without having to use force. China s neighbors want the U.S. to stay engaged in the Asia-Pacific so that they are not hostages to China. The U.S. should have established a free-trade area with Southeast Asia 30 years ago, well before the Chinese magnet began to pull the region into its orbit. If it had done so, its purchasing power would now be so much greater than it is, and all of the Southeast Asian countries would have been linked to the U.S. economy rather than depending on China s. Economics sets underlying trends. China s growing economic sway will be very difficult to fight. 16