That s the magic of recycling. Now, let s talk about how these keys are being distributed. The giveaway actually only covers 100 of the keys, which will be given out to 20 toons per day for 5 days. Next up we have the Key Tasks, which Toon HQ has started off with 100 of. Those, of course, will be going to the friends of the existing Tester Toons. Daily Beta Giveaway Winners The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. The feedback question isn t judged for picking winners — We just want to know how you feel about Toontown Rewritten! The winners are picked by randomness, not the quality of the answers. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow s giveaway! BETA KEY GIVEAWAY Discussion in Contests Forum Awards started by lysergicdelight, Jul 9, 2014. Thread Status Not open for further replies. … Toontown Rewritten Fansite Do you like edited YT videos? Comedy? Other Game Related stuff! Click here! — Coming Soon! NoobyDBL, Jul 11, 2014 4. Chester Whiskerface Elite Toon KTTA TTR Beta … The Beta key ToonTasks, including the Toon Resistance ToonTasks in 2015, are the only special set of new tasks created by Toontown Rewritten. Before these ToonTasks were introduced, Beta keys could only be earned through official giveaways and community giveaways. Toontown Rewritten is a free-to-play revival of Disney s Toontown Online. Create your own Toon and join the battle to save Toontown from the evil robot Cogs. … Daily Beta Giveaway Winners … Well done to those who won a beta key – your so lucky im jealous! Bumblewhip said on May 23, 2014 at 12 19 PM This whole thing is really cool how you … Before I could answer, a movement across the street caught my eye. There, across busy Virginia Avenue, stood a Roy-ghost. I had learned to suppress the startle, but this one caught me unaware because he actually looked like Roy. Not Roy when he was young. Not Roy in the future. This looked like Roy would have looked if he had never left Eloe. The never-left Roy-ghost crossed his arms over his chest like a sentry. I kept my eyes on him as long as I could, knowing that if I turned away he would vanish. A strategy that requires your life and your dreams to be paid as penance is a sucker s bet. The Slowlane arrogantly assumes that you will live forever and, of course, be gainfully employed forever. Unfortunately, wheelchairs don t fit in the trunks of Lamborghinis. Attention everyone, everywhere Alissa Fleck, CVS Drugstore Chain Unveils New Employee Diet Plan Fat-Shaming and a $600 Fine, Bitch Media , March 21, 2013, https bitchmedia. org post cvs- drugstore- chain- unveils- new- employee- diet- plan- fat- shaming- and- a- 600- fine . Vine Launched January 2013 As of June 2013, Vine gained 13 million users. In the week following its launch, almost half the videos posted on Twitter originated from Vine. Five Vine videos are shared every six seconds on Twitter. After you have an idea of whom you d like to share a guest post with, it s time to work on your pitch.