Flatiron. Located in the heart of NYC s fitness mecca, our Flatiron studio is within walking distance to Union Square and the N, Q, R, F and 6 trains. 137 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor. New York, NY 10010. Get Directions info sltnyc.com 212.529.2323. SLT is a 50-minute, muscle-quivering, heart-pumping, total body workout. The Machine. The Megaformer is an incredibly effective machine that works your body in a uniquely intense way. The machine uses a system of springs and pulleys and your own body weight to work your upper and lower body with adjustable resistance. Our Expert … PRIVATE training. We offer one-on-one and semi-private group training. To book, email email protected . Gift Certificates. Give the gift of SLT! You can purchase a gift card online or at the studio. Select a Design Red Icon Gift Card. Please Choose a Design. Amount. $50. $100. $150. $250. $500. or Enter a Custom Amount. Conveniently located in the Back Bay above Uniqlo, the entrance to the studio is on Newbury street between Hereford and Mass Ave. To gain entry to the building, click the SLT button next to the door. Metered street parking is available. 341 Newbury Street, 3rd Floor. Boston, MA 02115. Get Directions boston sltnyc.com 857.505.0919. One of the nicest features about Facebook advertising is the capability to target fans or potential fans. For example, if you want to boost a post, you can target your audience as follows Turns out, over the past decade, we ve learned a great deal about how such things happen including how flow may make them happen more frequently. Not surprisingly, our creativity lies deeply rooted in the right side of the brain the side dominated by the implicit system. The reason has to do with the structure of neural networks. When the explicit system mostly on the left side of the brain handles a problem, the neurons involved are very close to one another. This much proximity leads to linear connections, logical deductions, and all the other keystones of standard reasoning. When the implicit system is at work, its reach is much broader far-flung corners of the brain are talking to one another. This is known to experts as lateral thinking or, to the business executives who so crave this talent thinking outside the box. It means that novel stimuli can combine with random thoughts and obscure memories and the result is something utterly new. Oh yeah? Who cares. The power of geo-tagging on Instagram and a little trick Like with all analytics, which elements you decide to measure and compare depend on your goals and objectives. Are you measuring the success of your own mobile site, the use of your social media pages on mobile devices, the number of visitors from social mobile pages to your primary website, or the level of foot traffic to a brick-and-mortar store? You can see some of these statistics in Figure 5-6 , in a report provided by Apsalar, a vendor of mobile analytics services.