Shiny Star V Sealed Booster Pack Giveaway. Giving Away One Sealed Booster Pack To One Of Our First 100 Subs On Youtube. Subscribe Here. Iconic Vintage Jungle Holo Wigglytuff Giveaway. Enter With Any Purchase Through The Store. Vintage Fossil Set Holo Zapdos Giveaway. Enter With Any Purchase Through The Store. i have – shiny swablu, shiny dragonite, shiny dustox, shiny spoink, shiny azumarill, shiny jigglypuff, shiny wigglytuff, normal deino. 6. 11 comments. share. save. hide. report. 6. Posted by 4 days ago TRADE – CAN T FLY … my storage is getting clogged up so im doing a giveaway all r shinies x3 electabuzz x2 swablu x3 magmar x2 fletchling … Special Giveaway 14 Dex Helper Leftover Giveaway 5 Scheduled Giveaway Hiatus Sun Moon Flash Giveaway 1 147 Dratini, , level 1 132 Ditto, n a, level 30. Sun Moon Flash Giveaway 2 Breeding Ground 132 Ditto, n a, level 30 663 Talonflame, , level 100. Sun Moon Flash Giveaway 3 359 Absol, … I have extra shiny swablu from the CD, hence the giveaway!One person one comment only! I will randomly select 2 people from the comments when the post is 48 hours old. I will fly to giveaway the mon! Edit 1 Removed preference Edit 2 ENDED Shiny Trading OZZY RHINO Event Trading OZZY RHINO, Ilovedogs2 … Wigglytuff Lvl 100 Ev d 41. Zubat Lvl 5 42. Golbat Lvl 22 43. Oddish Lvl 1 44. … next giveaway at 40k views or 3k posts XD . you may as soon as davewillis is avaliable haha we havent quite got around to sharing all the pokemon around yet so only certain people can fill … But along with being educators and caretakers of children, teachers are obviously workers, and here I want to delve a bit deeper into the models that score their performance, because they might spread to other parts of the workforce. Consider the case of Tim Clifford. He s a middle school English teacher in New York City, with twenty-six years of experience. A few years ago, Clifford learned that he had bombed on a teacher evaluation, a so-called value-added model, similar to the one that led to Sarah Wysocki s firing. Clifford s score was an abysmal 6 out of 100. and customer experience, 67 68 These athletes haven t just redefined the limits of human potential they ve redefined those limits by doing the opposite of what the experts say they should have done. It s peculiar, all right. Their stratospheric success suggests that we may have completely misjudged the path toward stratospheric success. In fact, it suggests something far more radical that if we really want to be our best, we don t just have to rethink the path toward mastery we need to reconsider the way we live our lives. A LinkedIn company page gives your brand a strong presence on an important business and career-oriented social network. As such, you don t want to just slap together any old page and be done with it. Put time and care into your page it s well worth the effort. – Asking fans to show you how they use your product or service in their everyday lives, and showcasing the best examples on your page. In this case, recognition and a feature on your page is the prize.