Settlement Pool. $46,000,000. Settlement Website. Radio Shack Unused Gift Card Class Action Settlement. Deadline. 12 02 2016. Contact. RS Legacy Corporation fka RadioShack Corporation Claims Processing Center c o Prime Clerk LLC P.O. Box 225392 New York, NY 10150 844-794-3477 RSGiftCardInfo The RadioShack gift card claims process is part of a settlement agreement approved by a U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware. The company has agreed to issue refunds to consumers who still have a RadioShack gift cards with an unused balance. The settlement agreement was supported by 23 other states and the District of Columbia. This settlement has given consumers a voice in RadioShack s bankruptcy process, and we are pleased the retail giant is honoring its commitment to customers holding millions in unredeemed gift cards, Attorney General Paxton said. The suit also claimed that RadioShack continued to sell gift cards while knowing it would soon be filing for bankruptcy protection. Several other states joined the Texas lawsuit. The bankruptcy judge approved a settlement between the states and RadioShack in September 2015. WILMINGTON, Del.. — Electronics retailer RadioShack on Thursday won court approval of a settlement involving priority treatment of certain gift-card holders in the company s bankruptcy and has … Geolocation Vernor Vinge was the first person to formally use the word singularity when describing the technological future he did it in a 1993 address to NASA, entitled The Coming Technological Singularity. Mathematician Stanislaw Ulam reported that he and polymath John von Neumann had used singularity in a conversation about technological change thirty-five years earlier, in 1958. But Vinge s coinage was public, deliberate, and set the singularity ball rolling into the hands of Ray Kurzweil and what is today a Singularity movement. See, this is why I like letters better than email. Anything I write down is a promissory note and a paper receipt, signed, sealed, delivered. We can only get email in the library for sixty-five minutes a week and there is always someone waiting or someone looking over your shoulder. Besides, I like to use that time to write emails for hire. You know what I got paid with last week? An onion. I know you re going to think this is crazy, but onion is rare to come by in here and prison cuisine tastes better with a little bit of flavoring. To get it, I wrote a long email for this guy it was part mash note and part fund-raising pitch. If it yielded the cash he was hoping for, he was going to get me an onion. Of course I split the onion with Walter, since he acted as a broker for the whole exchange. You should have seen it. If the hunchback of Notre Dame could be a vegetable, it would be that funky little onion. You don t want to know what we cooked up in our cell that night, but I know you re curious, so I ll try and explain. It s a casserole that you make out of ramen noodles, crunched-up Doritos, onion, and Vienna sausages. Everybody chips in what they have, and when it s done, you divide it up. Walter is the chef. I promise that it tastes better than it sounds. Even worse is the World Wide Web. At last count there were nearly two million different commercial Web sites. That means there are about twenty-five people online for every single Web site hardly a mass market of interest to an Interruption Marketer. Cost per thousand CPM impressions, one of the most consistently used metrics in advertising, work across all forms of media. CPM is based on the number of times an ad is viewed, whether it s calculated for ads on TV, billboards, or in print magazines received as dedicated emails or viewed on web pages.