Specifically, our survey participants receive a gift card code from Amazon. However, sending these gift card codes to respondents is challenging. In Qualtrics, our online survey platform, we can embed a code for each potential respondent, and then trigger an email with the code attached after their survey is completed. Web survey powered by SurveyMonkey.com. Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey s expert certified FREE templates. Testers Needed – $10 Amazon Gift Card Preliminary Questionnaire Qualification Thank you for your interest in testing out our latest mobile app product. … Rybbon offers prizes from retailers like Amazon, Apple, Target, Grubhub and more, as well as e-donations. Prizes are digital and can be sent anywhere in the world. Learn more about Rybbon and Qualtrics. With our Tango Card integration, you can take advantage of a free rewards management platform that works seamlessly with Qualtrics surveys … After you ve completed the survey, we ll send you a $10 Amazon gift card. We recognize your time is valuable, and we appreciate your participation. The Result. Oh, sorry. Thank you for your willingness to take part in this survey. Unfortunately, we have all the responses that we are looking for, so you do not qualify for the gift card at this time. We re conducting an online survey about health message perceptions. Please click the link below if you re interested. Upon the completion of the study, you will receive Amazon giftcard $10 . I angled toward her again, and again she didn t move. I placed my hands on her defenseless head, and she didn t stop me. I kissed her every way I could think of. I kissed her forehead like she was my daughter. I kissed her quivering eyelids like she was my dead mother. I kissed her hard on her cheeks like you do before you kill someone. I kissed her collarbone the way you do when you want more. I pulled her earlobe with my teeth the way you do when you know what someone likes. I did everything, and she sat as pliable as a doll. If you let me, I said, I can forgive you. Starting my circuit of kisses again, I made my way to her neck. She shifted her head slightly so I could touch my nose where her pulse beat close to the surface. But the thrill wore off fast, like the rush of a homemade drug, the way the cheap stuff hits you hard but leaves you hungry in an instant. I moved to the other side, hoping she would tilt her head the opposite way, allowing me access to all of her. Just ask me, I said, my voice barely more than a rumble in my chest. Ask me and I will forgive you. I held her now she was limp, but she didn t resist. Ask me, Georgia, I said. Ask me so I can say yes. Negative 60 The Dismal Return of the Slowlane The ultimate insanity is to sell your soul Monday through Friday for the paycheck of Saturday and Sunday. Yes, give me $5 today and in return I ll give you $2 back tomorrow. 5-for-2. No? How about five loaves of bread today and in return, I ll give you two back tomorrow. No again? Why? This is a smoking deal! Topical Advice Beetailer T his is a clever, artistic photo and a tremendous play. It s the kind of image that catches the heart and evokes an instant emotion in anyone going through his or her feed. Where it gets ridiculously brilliant is in its native storytelling. When you double-tap the photo, the heart shows up almost exactly in the same location as the heart on the beach. It was probably even cropped in a way to enable that action. With its smart hashtags, this is classic, fun storytelling, the kind of thing that people want to share.