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However, when statisticians broke down the population into income groups, scores for every single group were rising, from the poor to the rich. So are you DRIVING a Fastlane? Or HITCHHIKING one? If this hitchhiker description describes you, don t get discouraged or defensive. You can t be a driver in every instance. Heck, even I engage in hitchhiking activities. Fastlane hitchhikers can make good money, sometimes boatloads. However, understand this The driver retains control and makes the big money. At best, the hitchhiker makes good money. Given the app s limitations as a business tool, why should brands scramble to start posting photos? For the same reasons they might post ads in Fine Cooking , Vogue , People , or even Traveler of Charleston magazine. After all, if you take out the editorial content in between the ads, a print magazine is, in essence, a small-format gallery of beautiful, provocative, or tantalizing images. It s a consumption platform, and that s all Instagram is, too. It s a slightly more interactive experience than a print magazine, because users can like an image and offer comments. There s also an element of shareability and distribution in that you can connect your account to Facebook and Twitter, thus increasing awareness around your product and promoting word of mouth. Also, users can follow each other, even if they can t formally regram. But really, when you load photos on the service, you re putting out content that no one can immediately do anything with, just like when you place ads in magazines. And you re doing it for the same reason scale. You advertise in magazines because you know you can reach a dedicated audience, measurable by subscription rates. Instagram has incredible scale, 100 million monthly active users as of the writing of this book. With one new user joining every second, it s likely that number could increase by another 15 million by the time this book goes to press. If it s worth it to your brand to pay tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to place beautiful content in magazines, don t you think it s worth putting similar content on Instagram for free? According to the history of AI author Pamela McCorduck, her interviews revealed that a handful of the pioneers of computer science and artificial intelligence believe that they were directly descended from Rabbi Loew. They include John von Neumann and Marvin Minsky. Obviously, drawing this border is no simple task. So the OAA depends on a constant stream of incoming messages. All of our senses send data here. Incredible calculations occur. But all of this takes a lot of energy. When that energy is needed elsewhere like during moments of intense focus the OAA stops performing those calculations because it stops receiving those signals. Without this data stream, this part of the brain is temporarily blinded it too becomes hypofrontal and to incredible result. Once this happens, says Newberg, we can no longer draw a line and say this is where the self ends and this is where the rest of the world begins, so the brain concludes, it has to conclude, that at this moment you are one with everything.