4. After you received the requested legendary pokemon and if you want other legendary pokemon, then just do steps 1-3 again. 5. Each person may claim only one unique pokemon species for a total of 39 in this giveaway. In other words, each person may only get one Lugia, one Ho-oh, one Deoxys, one Rayquaza, one Suicune . For Pokemon X Y Trading on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Legendary Pokemon Giveaway XY v1.0 – Page 9. For Pokemon X Y Trading on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Legendary Pokemon Giveaway XY v1.0 rule 5 revoked – Page 24. To claim a legendary pokemon, follow these rules carefully 1. Deposit a common pokemon like zigzagoon, fletchling, scatterbug, wurmple, etc. into the GTS and ask for one of the 39 legendary pokemon offered in this giveaway full list at second post . $4 Donation one 1 GUARANTEED trade of a Pok mon in today s stream! Donate here https streamlabs.com iamkillerr tip OR PayPal https www.paypal.c… They do not want to hear Baez, John, Interview with Eliezer Yudkowsky, Azimuth blog , March 25, 2011, http johncarlosbaez.wordpress.com 2011 03 25 this-weeks-finds-week-313 accessed June 14, 2012 . M C G URK I would have strongly cautioned them against it because of the unintended consequences of releasing such a code. Thunderclap, 47 You have the option to select a board you already have or create a board. As soon as you select a board, it will save your pin. There is another important way to look at the problems of AI s drives, one that s more suited to the positive-minded Omohundro. The drives represent opportunities doors opening for mankind and our aspirations, not slamming shut. If we don t want our planet and eventually our galaxy to be populated by strictly self-serving, ceaselessly self-replicating entities, with a Genghis Khanish attitude toward biological creatures and one another, then AI makers should create goals for their systems that embrace human values. On Omohundro s wish list are make people happy, produce beautiful music, entertain others, create deep mathematics, and produce inspiring art. Then stand back. With these goals, an AI s creativity drive would kick into high gear and respond with life-enriching creations.