One of the original micro job employers, Amazon s Mechanical Turk lists human intelligence tasks HITs that remote workers choose and complete for a fee that s set by the requester. Available tasks include image and video processing, data verification and cleanup, information gathering, data processing, and more. Human Intelligence Tasks HIT Certain maintenance tasks on Braingle can only be performed by a human. You can help with these tasks and earn some points at the same time! Each task is designed to take 1 minute or less and you will earn 1 point for each task that you successfully complete. Please note that accuracy matters. Over at Amazon, you can make money online working on HITS Human Intelligence Tasks . A few of the tasks that I saw listed were, transcribing information from a business card to a form, payout $0.02. Another task was to transcribe a voicemail from audio to text audio length three hours , payout $76.19. Search for jobs related to Human intelligence tasks data entry or hire on the world s largest freelancing marketplace with 20m jobs. It s free to sign up and bid on jobs. The site offers thousands of available HITs Human Intelligence Tasks for those wanting to earn some cash. With MTurk you might be asked to do tasks like Complete surveys Do short transcription jobs Perform Google searches Validate data Or other work. Each job pays a few pennies to a few dollars. Additionally, computer systems aren t limited to the Internet. It could be software or applications. Some of the richest people on the planet are software billionaires, like Bill Gates of Microsoft and Larry Ellison of Oracle. Software enjoys plump margins because it is easily replicated. Once the code is written, it s done. You can easily sell one or 10,000. Can you replicate an office building with ease? You can t. Jones and Rice went spine hunting in the Selkirk Mountains, outside of Revelstoke, British Columbia. Time schedules being what they were, they only had a few days together. And their first morning turned out to be frustrating. The weather was iffy, the visibility poor. They searched for hours and hours and still nothing to ride. A decision was made to park the helicopter on a mountaintop and regroup. Then a small miracle no sooner had they landed than a break in the clouds, and off in the distance, a spine wall. What s painfully ironic here is that flow is a radical and alternative path to mastery only because we have decided that play an activity fundamental to survival, tied to the greatest neurochemical rewards the brain can produce, and flat out necessary for achieving peak performance, creative brilliance, and overall life satisfaction is a waste of time for adults. If we are hunting the highest version of ourselves, then we need to turn work into play and not the other way round. Unless we invert this equation, much of our capacity for intrinsic motivation starts to shut down. We lose touch with our passion and become less than what we could be and that feeling never really goes away. He waved like he was dismissing me, and without thinking, I moved in the direction of my car, but then I turned back. This is bullshit, sir. The copy Here s the hiccup. The copy merely repeats the three clear steps we just read in the photo. Why? With this mistake, Rachel Zoe weakened their pin s value proposition. It would have been more interesting and beneficial to customers if Zoe had added a few thoughts about the bag, and then followed up with the link to the official rules page.