Eligibility. The Giant Eagle fuelperks program Program is open to US residents, who are 18 years of age or older and in good standing with Giant Eagle , who have signed up for the Giant Eagle Advantage Card , and who possess either a valid Giant Eagle Advantage Card, a valid Ricker s Reward card or a digital account on gianteagle.com or in the Giant Eagle or GetGo app Card … Groceries at Giant Eagle, Market District and GetGo. Prescriptions – Get 50 bonus perks for every fifth prescription. Made to Order Food. Gift Cards. Paper Goods. Snacks. And More. Please contact our Customer Care Department if you have any questions about fuelperks at 1.800.553.2324 or 1.866.620.0216 for Indianapolis customers. What you ll get Earn 2X Fuelperks For Every $100 Spent on Mastercard Gift Cards Where it s available Giant Eagle How to earn it Follow the link provided below and add a $100 gift card to your cart to get the discount. Terms Conditions Valid until October 7, 2020 or while supplies lasts. Additional terms and conditions apply. Giant Eagle sometimes runs promotions in their gift card gallery, where you can earn 20 cents off per gallon of gas for all restaurant gift card purchases. These usually take place around the holidays and is a great time to stock up on cards. Don t forget that you can buy gift cards and use them yourself when you go out for dinner! Giant Eagle. March 5, 2016 . Earn 20 fuelperks! for every $50 you spend on The Home Depot, Best Buy, and Sears gift cards! Must scan Advantage Card. Restrictions apply. Valid through 3 16. 1212. 7 Comments. Durable themes have emerged from our exploration of the intelligence explosion. AGI, when it is achieved, will by most accounts be a complex system, and complex systems fail, whether or not they involve software. The AI systems and cognitive architectures we ve begun exploring are the kinds of systems that Normal Accidents author Charles Perrow might indict as being so complex that we cannot anticipate the variety of combined failures that may occur. It s no stretch to say AGI will likely be created in a cognitive architecture whose size and complexity might surpass that of the recent 30,000 processor cloud array set up by Cycle Computing. And according to the company s own boast, Monster Cat was a system too complex to be monitored read understood by a human being. And there s something important to remember from chapter 7 about these ubiquitous neural nets. Like genetic algorithms, ANNs are black box systems. That is, the input, French language in our example, is transparent. And the output, here English, is understood. But what happens in between, no one understands. All the programmer can do is coach the ANN during training with examples, and try to improve the output. Since the output of black box artificial intelligence tools can t ever be predicted, they can never be truly and verifiably safe. Note If you pin a video from a page on your website on which the video is embedded rather than a youtube.com address, for example , Pinterest will show the directly-playable YouTube video but the link and description associated with that pin will be the URL and page name on your site respectively, so this will definitely help with Pinterest and web search engine optimization. As well as videos, Pinterest also supports the embedding of Slideshare presentations. If you use the Share on Pinterest option underneath a slideshow on Slideshare, the content in question will appear on Pinterest with a small Play button on top of the pinned image. When this is clicked, the pin opens up on its own page and users can view the whole presentation directly on the site. Similar to video content, you might want to add the words slideshow or presentation into the pin description to make clear what s on offer. PaulWalksOn, 2 When I got the Rolls-Royce account, I followed my rule of using the client s product. Other Rolls-Royce owners have included Rudyard Kipling, Henry Ford I, Ernest Hemingway, Woodrow Wilson, Charlie Chaplin, Baden Powell and Lenin. Mine lasted 22 years.