Check your card balance here. The card number is the 8 numbers prior to the . The Pin is the 3 digits after the . – The $ Value in Credits line is how many real dollars you have to spend at Funhaven. You simply take the number generated, and divide by 4 to get your dollar amount. Credits can be split among any number of cards or recipients and then used towards all PLAY at Funhaven – arcades, attractions laser tag, bumper cars, rock wall, jungle gym, roller coaster and all Escape Rooms both our one hour long Adventures and 10 minute long Missions . 1050 Baxter Road Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2C 3P1. 613 828-4386. info FAQ What is your Cancellation Policy? You can cancel your escape adventure up to 24 hours in advance with a full refund of your deposit. If you cancel within the 24 hour mark we will refund your deposit onto a Funhaven gift card for future use at Funhaven! Funhaven is the premier entertainment venue, being equally welcoming to adults and families. They have food and drink options, and cutting edge technology. Their credit system enables the guests to tailor their own experience and get the value they want out of the services and offerings. Provide great customer service, handle complaints right In the last chapter , we took a hard look at the difficulties involved in pursuing the flow path in this one our interest is in examining the inverse the reasons to persevere. And the very best reason? No surprise. It s what happens when we do. Elite Suburbs Use Twitter Analytics refer to Figure 3-2 or TweetDeck or another Twitter management tool to find aggregated information about retweets, mentions, and replies in statistical format during a specified time period. A cirque is a naturally formed concave amphitheater, carved by glaciers, found atop mountains. These steep slopes are dotted with protrusions huge cliffs, knobby rollovers, bus-size boulders. Snow piles up on these protrusions, forming near-vertical, knife-edge columns, thousands of feet tall these are spines.