Esso Enjoy $10 Price Privileges card on your Speedpass app YMMV. The Speedpass app is a contactless way to pay for fuel and earn the points you want, right on your phone. And now you can save 10 cents per litre for 100 litres on us! Easily pay from the comfort of your car with Visa, Mastercard, … If Team Canada wins a Game, then an eligible participant must enter the code Canada within the Speedpass app under the Promotion Code menu item, within twenty four 24 hours from the end of that Game and follow the on-screen instructions to claim a digital Price Privileges fuel discount card a Digital Price Privileges Card , each … Offer only available to original recipients of this offer in Speedpass Qualifying Member . Qualifying Members who make 3 fuel purchases of 30 litres or more at participating Esso and Mobil stations in Canada using the Speedpass app between May 20thh, 2021 at 12 00 01am until July 7th, 2021, at 11 59 59pm the Offer Period will earn a digital $10 PRICE PRIVILEGES card 5 cents … charliebrown wrote At the top right corner of your app, you should have a card icon Clicking on it should display any loyalty discount cards linked to your app eg my optimum card, this 100L promo card . If you have more than 1 esso savings card, you can click on the small i at the bottom right of the card, then choose to make default If they are transferrable, let me begin the begging – if anyone has a price privilege esso card they won t be able to use before the April expiry date, I could use it. Reply Feb 1st, 2021 7 48 pm However, an intelligence explosion may be unavoidable I m not sure this is true for Marcus Hutter s AIXI, though experts tell me it is. But since AIXI is uncomputable, it would never be a candidate for an intelligence explosion anyway. AIXItl a computable approximation of AIXI is another matter. This is also probably not true of mind uploading, if such a thing ever comes to pass. not just another technology Bostrom, Nick. Oxford University, Ethical Issues in Advanced Artificial Intelligence, 2003, http ethics ai.html accessed March 1, 2013 . Superintelligence is radically different Ibid. Promote your stream in advance through Twitter and other avenues, to encourage as many viewers as possible. Maybe make the stream s content a one-off so it becomes a not-to-be-missed occasion. Host it at the right time use Twitter analytics to see when your audience is most often online, and host your stream at a time when they are going to be around to watch! Use a clear and compelling title to help people identify your live stream people who follow you on the app will be notified when you go live, and the title will make up part of an automated tweet used to promote your broadcast. Depending on your goals for the live stream, choose between a public stream broadcasting to everybody, whether they follow you on Twitter or not , or private where you select the attendees from your followers . Join in with the live conversation – acknowledge viewers and their questions, and ask for likes and shares as a way to help build your audience for the next stream. Analyze your performance within the app number of likes, views, and replays anyone can watch your stream for up to 24 hours after it finishes , to see how you can improve your live streaming for next time. As of late, we ve been tracking a trail of triggers. We ve seen how to tune external triggers, altering environmental conditions to get more flow, and how to tweak internal triggers, altering psychological conditions to get more flow. But Sawyer also discovered that flow states have social triggers ten in particular which are ways to alter social conditions to produce more group flow. Also consider setting up this newsroom as a separate section in blog format another way to integrate social media! to aggregate queries, moderated posts, and trackbacks from individual releases. Give each release a unique URL, and place your headline on the page title.