Now, DIY doesn t have to mean you re making the entire favor from scratch. It could be as simple as ordering succulents en masse and potting them into hand-painted pots, or making a big batch of cookies and packaging them into cute hand-stamped paper bags. Here are some of our favorite DIY wedding favors to inspire your own, plus product recommendations many of which are conveniently sold in … DIY wedding favors are the most genuine and creative gifts to give the guests attending your special day. More so, these keepsakes show that you, the bride and groom, love and cherish your friends. Homemade crafts are also cheap, so they make great budget alternatives for expensive giveaways. Don t worry. 25 Homemade Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love. More than just a present, your wedding favors are a reminder of your big day and big commitment to your friends and family, so it s important to think outside the box and off the shelf when it comes to picking them out. 7. Salt Pepper Favors. Quality sea salt or ground pepper packaged in tiny shakers would make for a cute yet useful wedding favor. Download a free tag for this DIY project at Something Turquoise. 8. Trail Mix Wedding Favors. Make a custom trail mix blend and add a cute label using the printing service from Evermine. 9. Is a Paradox of Practice in Play? In the game of money, money is the scorecard. If someone tells you how they scored, make sure they disclose their real method to wealth, not the illusion concealing the real culprit. The lack of an economically educated electorate has made it easy for India s leaders to engage in economic populism, which has unsettled the course of liberalization. National interest is often subservient to special interests. Many needed reforms have been stalled due to opposition from special interest groups. Special interests thrive in an atmosphere of populism. In the last 20 years, there has been a proliferation of schemes for cheap food, free power, and subsidized loans They impose a heavy cost on the whole economy The distinction between welfare and populism has blurred. 30 Technology industry blog Home Depot s blog, on the other hand, aims to be a source of inspiration for its customers to make the most of their homes, covering DIY projects, home improvement advice, and seasonal stories. 30 What s unique about Home Depot s blog is that it invites customers to suggest topics for the company to cover, pitch themselves as contributors, or share content they have already created featuring Home Depot products for a chance to be featured on not only the blog but the company s social media channels as well. 31 Often communities are created around passion points, but they do not always have to be. The key is to identify the themes or topics that are relevant to your customers. Communities can be built around a pain point, problem, life event, or serious issue.