The reloadable Cash Card can be used for a variety of purposes such as Internet, ATM withdrawals, purchases, employee travel expenses within the United States. The reloadable Cash Card may be purchased with a minimum amount of $25.00 and the maximum amount of $2,500.00. This card may be purchased for $9.99. Each reload has a $1.99 fee. personal and business banking pages. Unique checking accounts for your individual needs. Take charge of your money. Saving for a rainy day is easier with a CVNB savings account. Feel free to look around. We ve updated our site to be more educational and ADA compliant. personal and business banking pages. You agree to pay all the fees charged by the Bank for the Cumberland Valley National Bank Cash Card and the Gift Card Program. O. Applicability of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act Reg E The card is subject to the provisions of the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 and Regulation E Section 205.20. 3. General We provide the highest level of fraud protection. Our debit cards are chip enabled, making in-person transactions more secure than ever before. Your CVNB debit card comes with our 24 7 fraud monitoring protection of suspicious and unusual activity. Our cards are also covered by MasterCard s Zero Liability for unauthorized transactions. To enroll in this service you will need the following information available Social Security Number. Date of Birth. Account Number. Call toll-free 844-403-9106. When calling for the first time, you will be prompted to create a PIN. minimum of 8 to maximum of 10 digits India is an established civilization. Nehru and Gandhi had a chance to do for India what I did for Singapore because of their enormous prestige, but they could not break the caste system. They could not break the habits. 9 You cannot bore people into buying your product. You can only interest them in buying it. REESE S celebrates trees of all shapes and sizes. It s not what it looks like, it s what it tastes like. 41 Whether Islamic extremism is a bigger or smaller problem 10, 15, or 25 years from now depends on what happens in the oil states, particularly Saudi Arabia. 23 It doesn t matter how long you ve been dating you re not allowed to send a stand-in on a date. You re not allowed to date your best friend s girlfriend or boyfriend.