Creative Facebook Giveaway Ideas 1. Free food for new customers. At least three times a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner people have food on their mind. And when you consider all the moments spent thinking about what you re going to eat next or conversations with friends about different food spots, it s obvious we love to eat! … More Ideas for Target Market Giveaways on Facebook Target couples with a romantic spa or engagement wedding photo shoot run this in early summer before wedding season starts . Target prospective leads in the tech community with a foosball table, personal consultation with a sector expert, a month of weekly pizza, or a startup package of … Giveaway Ideas for Facebook Groups. A Facebook group giveaway is a neat way to increase engagement in your community. Groups give your fans a space to interact with like-minded shoppers and get their questions answered. Browse these Facebook group giveaway ideas to find a good fit for your audience. 6. Facebook Contest Ideas for Small Businesses Pick a Mystery Prize. For Facebook giveaway ideas that are a little more creative, why not have fans choose from a range of mystery prizes to enter. That way, if they re picked as a winner, they get their mystery choice for free. 25 Creative Facebook Contest Ideas You Can Use Today Running contests on your Facebook Page is an easy way to get new Facebook likes , email subscribers and sales leads for your business. We ve seen amazing Facebook contest ideas succeed across industries with both our clients and for Wishpond. Setting up an account They do not compare to creating AGI. Writing code for an application that does any one thing better than a human, never mind the panoply of capabilities of AGI, would require orders of magnitude more talent and organization than demonstrated by Al Qaeda s entire catalogue of violence. If AGI were that easy, someone smarter than Al Qaeda would have already done it. CHAPTER 4 One of the most effective ways to influence social media users into connecting with you on a social and emotional level is to position your brand as an authority – a source that they can trust and respect, and with whom they can rely on for the information or experience they desire. One of the best ways to do this is to dig into the problems you solve and demonstrate your expertise. By this, I don t mean you should start boasting about how good your product is at solving Problem X at every opportunity instead, be a valuable beacon of information within your field or industry. For instance, if your company sells antique furniture polish, you might publish posts to explain why it is so important to keep aged items in good condition, share recent example and statistics about antiques that have sold for high prices due to their pristine preservation, and provide hints and tips about best how to treat different kinds of wood. Great content whether single posts or links to a blog article will also be shared, further increasing brand awareness. In this chapter, we talk about how to get your content seen. Some of the methods we discuss may not be visible to the public that is, they happen in the background and may not seem important, but they really do make a difference.