Bloomberg Bmc Promo Code – 06 2021. CODES Just Now 23 days ago Take The Bloomberg Aptitude Test BAT For Free Online And Gain Free Access To Bloomberg Market Concepts BMC Originally Posted 12 21 2014 Use the promo code WSOHOLIDAY to take the BAT for free online between December 19th and December 31st and receive free access to BMC upon release in Spring 2015 314 Recent Visits The Bloomberg Institute designed the BAT to assess the finance knowledge and aptitude of university students worldwide who are interested in a career in finance. Before beginning the test, please take a moment to read the following 1. You will have three hours to complete the test, which contains approximately 150 questions. 2. 16 Bloomberg Tests. 45 Numerical reasoning tests. 45 Verbal reasoning tests. 30 Diagrammatic reasoning tests. 30 Situational judgement tests. 25 Publisher packages e.g. SHL. 180 Employer packages e.g. HSBC. 11 Extra packages including Abstract, Inductive, Mechanical, Personality and more. Dashboard performance tracking. Bloomberg Institute is launching it s first finance e-learning product, Bloomberg Market Concepts BMC , early next year. BMC is a web-based finance course that blends the fundamentals of financial theory with real-world events and data through a series of interactive and engaging tutorials that tell the story of finance from a practitioner s perspective. Bloomberg Aptitude Test key topics Originally Posted 04 21 2012 Bloomberg just launched the Bloomberg Aptitude Test BAT this year. I along with several thousands university students took the test this month. The BAT test several key topics that a student wishing to pursue in finance should know. Checking your retweet ranking To invite other LinkedIn members to join your group, follow these steps Gizmodo, 226 FIGURE 5-5 Following a numbered format will help keep your chat more organized. Infographics