CTV Atlantic – Local news contests and promotions. Fill out the form below if you would like to receive emails from CTV Atlantic about news, events, contests and more. Watch CTV News at 5. First launched in September 1982, Live at 5 introduced the news magazine format to Canada. Today, CTV News at 5 is the Maritimes most popular news and current affairs program … Contests . Sign up for CTV Atlantic contests and giveaways . CTV Morning Live . Find out what the CTV Morning Live crew is up to today! Live at 5 . Watch the Maritimes most popular news and current affairs program . Coronavirus Updates . Complete coverage at CTVNews.ca covidupdates . Contests Local Contests and Promotions CTV Atlantic. CTV and Appliance Cash Carry are teaming up to help you celebrate the dad in your life this Father s Day with the Get Grilling … If you live in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, or Prince Edward Island, you are probably getting your daily local news fix from CTV News Atlantic. The channel has you covered from weather, to entertainment and of course the morning news and News at 5. CTV Atlantic also offers some great contests for its daily viewers. For example, the colors you select to represent your brand reveal a lot about you. Choose them wisely. Research shows that 60 percent of people decide if they are attracted or not to a message based on what color it is. Furthermore, having well-defined, consistent colors associated with your brand can actually increase brand recognition up to 80 percent. 12 If, on the other hand, you find that your commercial raises hopes which are disappointed when the children see the doll, I have little doubt that, being an honest person, you will modify the commercial. 7 E -Commerce At the cemetery, we hefted the coffin again. As we made our way to the grave, I marveled at how a town so small had accumulated so many dead. Near the front were the modern headstones, polished granite, but in the distance stood timeworn markers, limestone probably. For this leg of Olive s journey, we were allowed to use our hands to steady her, and then we set her down on the straps stretched across the gaping hole in the earth. Tim is right. Humor allows brands to connect with customers by showing their lighter side. Humor makes videos stand out, but the tone and content have to be appropriate to the brand s message, or audiences can wind up laughing at you rather than with you. Comedy videos can be used to great effect as part of wider marketing campaigns, especially as social media becomes ever more important to brands.