A hobo is a vagabond who in general voluntarily adopts a lifestyle characterised by simplicity, travel, a search for the inner self, living on the margins of society and dabbling in work.
The ethic and culture of the Hobo comes from the second half of eighteenth century America and is rooted in time as is its own mix of characteristic values and language. Emerging with writers like Jack London and like Jack Kerouac the folk singers of the fifties and the Beat generation.
According to the poets and seekers of adventure who recognized and contributed to the re-evaluation of the hobo culture, the ethics of the hobo are those of freedom:  Ethics (which distinguish hobos from the vagabond, the unemployed, the criminals) for  which he “doesn’t refuse to work, but refuses to be a slave to work “ and at the same time condemns violence and theft.
In the Sixties and Seventies, despite carrying on, the phenomenon of the hobo was seen to decline as its philosophy evolved into that of hippies:  American then European hippies on their travels , often hitch-hiking or with customized vans roving between the big festivals in America, Europe or India…
Remaining  traces of the culture, above all the hobo spirit, can be found today in backpackers and inter-railers, amongst bikers and in rave culture.


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Terracotta flooring, wooden beams, atmosphere of the traveller, bookshelves with 400 worldwide travel guidebooks in the guests living room. This large, light and airy room looks out over the garden.

The owners have chosen to let the spirit of the traveler flourish with artifacts brought back from various trips to Africa, South America and the East.

Here you can meet and pass the evening choosing to chat, browse at books, exchange talk about the day or to ask the owners for advice about trips for the following day.

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The comfortable bedrooms are positioned on the first floor and all provided with private bathrooms Starting with the chrome fixtures every attention to detail has been paid.

The silence which reigns in these surroundings is only broken when the garden is animated by almost imperceptible sounds creating a sweet backdrop.

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